Heat Pump Specialists, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers Auckland

We specialise in Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Gree heat pumps, although we also install all other makes and models. Being refrigeration engineers we also specialise in heat pump installation and repairs. There are so many types of heat pumps for so many different situations, that the best thing to do is to contact us and one of our team will come along and recommend a heat pump specifically for your requirements.

Enjoy Year round comfort

With a Heat Pump from Auckland’s Heat pump and Air Conditioning specialists
Relax in comfort in blistering summer heat or bitter winter cold. When you receive your heat pump you’ll ask yourselves why didn’t we do this years ago. It’s that good. Sleep and enjoy snuggling up while your work mates turn up to the office or workplace tired and grumpy from hot humid nights. When you have installed your heat pump you might even say it’s the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

For a fresher healthier home

Recommended by Asthma New Zealand. Quality heat pumps installed correctly extract harmful micro organisms, mould spores, dust particles and pollen so your family can breath easy. Not only will your heat pump extract harmful elements but it will suppress the growth of harmful bacteria while deodorizing unpleasant smell leaving air fresh and clean.

Trusted in the industry for over 40 years

Supercity Refrigeration & Air conditioning Ltd engineers for 40 years our team are trusted in the industry. We’ll install your Heat Pump and Air Conditioner correctly ensuring you receive the best results at an affordable price

Heat your home for a fraction the cost of electric heating

Better heat efficiency and lower running costs. As power costs continue to increase it’s becomes more and more important to reduce energy consumption. By installing a heat pump you’ll significantly reduce heating expenses. Wood fire heating costs are comparative but you need to factor in labour of finding, collecting, chopping wood and feeding the fire