SupercityAir are proud to supply and install New Zealand’s Leading Heat pump and Airconditioning brand Fujitsu and Panasonic. Be warm in Winter and Cool in Summer for one third the cost of convential electric heating

Wall mounted Heat Pumps

Wall mounted units are great all round Winter warming and Summer cooling units . Cost effective and energy efficient, these unit offer otimum performance year round. Suitable for any home or office providing pleasing aesthetics especially via our new slimline range. There are a number of sizes available so call to find out which model suits your needs best.

Floor Console Heatpumps

Floor mounted units are the perfect discreet heat pump for home or office. The perfect solution if you prefer a lower position or if wall space is either not suitable or not available. These units can also be inserted into the wall to give a slim and attractive profile.

Ceiling Cassette Heat pumps

Suitable for either office or home these units are installed in your ceiling and deliver air via climate control in a singular or quadruple directional flow depending on the office or home and its

Whole house Ducted System

Central heating has become very popular in recent times which provices whole home climate control and year round comfort no matter how cold or humid the weather is . Supercityair provide cutting edge design and installation of ducted systems. You’ll be surprised at just how competitive our pricing is as we supply everything you’ll need to lift your level of comfort to the next level. Imagine you’ll never feel the cold or humidity in your home again. it’s a slice of heaven. Clients rave about the performance and aesthetics of their ducted systems. Call us and find out more